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Dreaming the Future – Indigenous Languages Conference 2019

This is the official UN Year of Indigenous Language and we are proud to continue our commitment to helping the First Nations of North America renew and revitalise their languages. 

We are honoured to be speaking and presenting at the Indigenous Languages Conference 2019 in Kamloops BC, May 16-17 2019. Our Co-founder, Tony Woods, will be running two workshops demonstrating how to use our new Games Builder Platform. This is a world first and will be exclusively unveiled at the conference.

We felt it appropriate given the theme of the conference, “Dreaming the Future” that we should preview our innovative new platform that makes the creation of interactive language games super fast and easy.

Dreaming the future promotional advertisement.

Tony will be demonstrating how using our platform educators can create complex and engaging interactive language games in minutes. Jetpack have specifically set up an indigenous languages edition of our platform specifically for the conference. We will be offering delegates the opportunity to become Beta Users while attending the workshops.

We have four game templates currently built into the platform and intend to add several more in the coming months. Only people who attend one of Tony’s workshops will receive this exclusive access. We also have other tips and benefits we will be sharing during the two days in Kamloops. So make sure to come to the workshops and feel free to chat to Tony while he is at there.