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Over 50 fully customisable templates to help you easily create HTML5 interactive educational games.


Interactive educational games that will engage your learners.

Learner engagement has always been a challenge. Our educational game templates enable you to create high quality, online, tailored learning resources. Our HTML5 interactive games are designed to work on any modern computer or tablet device that is connected to the internet.

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Our rapid development platform means educators can quickly create their own games. We have over 50 game templates that you can customise with your own content, graphics and audio. It is a simple way to rapidly produce gamified learning.

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Why Gamify Learning?


Modern learners want to be engaged on their terms and interactive games are second nature to them.


Gaming elements such as scores, badges and timers provide motivation beyond the desire to learn.


Well crafted games encourage repeat playing. This repetition improves retention of information.


The rich sensory gaming experience appeals to many types of learner and therefore assists with recall.

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Jetpack Learning's Rapid Games Development Platform made it easy to build games for use in our Secwepemc immersion school. We really got the most out of our budget and the kids love the games.
Kathryn Michel, Chief Atahm School
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