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A Little Boost of Fun Learning

Our interactive educational games do not replace traditional teaching techniques. Our games are designed to complement the student’s over all learning experience, stimulating their senses while continuing their learning journey. A short break from traditional media that provides visual, aural, written, reading and kinaesthetic opportunities to learn.

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Our Expertise & Passion

At Jetpack we are passionate about gamified learning. As educators we understand how we fit in the learning process. As developers we embrace the power of gamification.

Blue Circles

Our games are designed to provide a quick boost of interactive learning and can easily slot into teaching and revision schedules.

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How does the Jetpack Learning platform make it easy for me to build my own games?

Jetpack Learning is quick and affordable. Each game template features professionally designed graphics and sound effects, allowing you to concentrate on the learning content. We have a simple four step process – browse, order, edit, deploy. Once a template has been added to your collection, the content can very quickly be changed and your game published within hours. Should you wish to tailor the graphics and audio files, we can do that too.

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1. Browse

Browse our wide selection of educational game templates.

2. Order

Order the template that best suits your teaching requirement.

3. Edit

Follow our simple guide to edit and upload your content and assets.

4. Deploy

Your game is published within hours of uploading your content.

Blue Circles

We offer four levels of service

Rapid Gamification

We can very quickly deploy any template and re-populate it with new graphics, audio and content making it unique to you.

Bespoke Design & Development

We have all the skills and experience to offer a full bespoke, end-to-end, design and development service.

Integrated Collaboration Service

We often act as gamification specialists to other e-learning development teams providing a range of specialised design and development skills.

Consultation Only

We believe that we lead the way in gamified learning and we are willing to share our knowledge and experience with you.

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