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Jetpack develop games for Chief Atahm School in Canada

Jetpack Learning has collaborated with a First Nation School in British Columbia, Canada, to create seven games in the Secwepemc language. Established in 1991, Chief Atahm School offers children from the surrounding First Nation communities of Adams Lake Band, Neskonlith and Little Shuswap the opportunity to learn and be immersed in their own Indigenous language and culture.
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Kathryn Michel, Language Education Specialist at Chief Atahm School consulted with our instructional design team to establish which Rapid Gamification Templates would best suit her learners’ requirements.

“We wanted interactive games that would complement immersion curriculum and traditional learning activities and that would be engaging to children. The guys at Jetpack Learning gave me full access to their library of game templates. I was able to choose from their game templates and co-create games that were fun and met our learning objectives.”

Kathryn Michel, Language Education Specialist, Chief Atahm School

The Jetpack team worked closely with Chief Atahm School to design game scenarios and graphics that fit with their history and culture. Kathryn said, “I expected there to be a steep cultural learning curve for the designers at Jetpack but their experience in illustrating for the Irish language proved useful when we created characters and backgrounds for our Secwepemc language games.”

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Tony Woods, CEO of Jetpack Learning said, “Chief Atahm School share many of the same values as our Irish Language clients and we found our previous experience to be invaluable when delivering this project. We are as proud of creating these Secwepemc language games, as we are of our Irish Medium resources. We hope this is the first of many collaborations with First Nations peoples.”

Jetpack Learning Rapid Gamification – educational games that can be tailored to your culture and learning objectives

Jetpack games are designed to run in a web browser on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices which means they can we accessed virtually anywhere. There are over 50 game templates to choose from, which can be very quickly customized with the client’s own content. As well as being able to change the text, Jetpack can also tailor the graphics and audio files for each game. Jetpack games can be integrated into the client’s own website or be hosted on the Jetpack platform, as is the case with Chief Atahm.

If you are thinking of creating your own indigenous language games, you can check out over 50 Rapid Gamification templates for free:

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